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SimpleClick Universal is powered by CoolPresentation

SimpleClick Universal

Create the perfect product presentation, for all types of shelves in every industry. It only takes four components to create a powerful sales presentation.

SimpleClick Fresh

SimpleClick Fresh

Be first in line with your fresh produce presentation. Suitable for all refrigeration equipment. Durable, flexible, hygienic and with optimal cooling flow conductivity.

SimpleClick Light shelf management

SimpleClick Light

Present your products right up to the front of the shelf. A unique lightweight system, competitively priced, especially for small products.

Additional solutions

Fresh Counter Presentation

With more than 400 different tailor made components, we are by far the largest and most specialised partner in the field of presenting fresh produce in counters.


We are fully focussed on new, spot on solutions. Innovation hand-in-hand with functionality, thus ensuring greater attention, convenience and turnover for you.


Our range contains more than 75 different types of price and scanning rails. If you have a specific requirement, then we will be are happy to develop a customised solution.


Based on our years of expertise, we develop customised displays for brands and retailers. The possibilities are endless.


We have exclusive dealerships of imitation products which cannot be distinguished from the real, which is perfect for a lasting and traditional look.


Use eye-catching signs on the shelves for enhanced brand attention and increased impulse buying.

SimpleClick, best in class, tomorrow’s solutions today. One of the most innovative companies that I have ever had the pleasure in dealing with.

John Byrne

Owner and director, Allied Point of Sale Ltd, Ireland

Proactive in helping to think of specific solutions for a retailer.

Perfetti van Melle

Simone Vis

Junior Trade Marketeer, Perfetti van Melle

CoolPresentation provides Coop with a quick, universal and easy-to-use system and this way we are able to stock and present the products quickly to the customers without any additional work. Moreover, CoolPresentation is a very flexible company that always helps the customer and thinks of solutions for you.

Jezz Projectmanagement

Jeroen Vonck

Owner, Jezz project management