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Striking Presentation Generate Sales

More than 70% of all purchase decisions are made in front of the shelf. A striking presentation is therefore essential. For that you need SimpleClick: the shelf management solution that is spot on!SimpleClick is powered by CoolPresentation.

Proven power of innovation

Back in 1997, the focus of CoolPresentation was mainly on the presentation of fresh produce. Since then, with SimpleCick as the core of our solutions, we have become the specialist in shelf management in the entire retail sector. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this on our own – it has only been possible with the support of you, our customers. Together we have developed more than 600 innovative presentation solutions.

A total solution for every industry

SimpleClick offers you a presentation solution for every product category, on every shelf, in every industry. In the Netherlands, CoolPresentation is a market leader in the food retail market with a growing but very strong presence in other non-food retail markets. SimpleClick is used in more than 15 countries worldwide.

We make sure we click with you

We share your passion for retail. Every day we are in close contact with retailers, store owners and staff on the shop floor. We make sure we click with you, so we know exactly what’s going on and we can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Guaranteed high quality

If you choose to use our solutions, you are guaranteed optimal quality. Thanks to the high durability of our products, you can look forward to many years of problem free use. If something does goes wrong, we’ll work with you to fix it.

SimpleClick, powered by CoolPresentation


We provide clear, comprehensive solutions that are innovative, simple and robust. In our dealings with you, we make clear agreements and we have an open and solution-oriented approach; together with you, we pool our knowledge to get even further ahead. That’s how we like to work.

We click with you

We understand your industry. We know what consumers want – and how a personal approach makes all the difference. With us, it’s all about how we click with you.

In front

On the shelves, let’s be in front, where it’s all happening, with innovative solutions of the highest quality. Our ambition will put you in pole position every day.

Always in front


The basis of our total solution is SimpleClick. A unique shelf presentation system, available in three innovative versions, for every product, on every shelf, in every industry.

Putting you in front. That’s our drive!