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CoolPresentation and SimpleClick new style

Perfect presentation is what we do. We are passionate about the perfect presentation of products of every shape and size. But we have also been busy with the development of our own brand. In fact, we have taken a new approach with a new corporate identity for both CoolPresentation and SimpleClick. What’s it all about? Well please read on and let us explain to you.

Staying ahead

When we started in 1997, we could not have imagined that twenty years later we would have such a solid position, not only in the Dutch market, but internationally as well. This is something we have worked very hard to achieve, and something we are very proud of. That being said we still need to work hard to keep up with the market, or better still, to stay one step ahead.

Old branding versus ambition

As we continued to grow and develop smart solutions for you we noticed more and more that our old brand was holding us back. It didn’t underline our distinctive character enough and didn’t fit in with our ambition which is to provide more customisation, in more industries, with an international scope.

Focus on our DNA

That is why we chose to focus on how we have got to this point and what helped us to get here – and as with most good stories it always starts with people, in this case our team. All our team members were asked a number of questions about the company, focusing on subjects such as knowledge, pride, quality, opportunities and ambitions. The feedback was gathered together to form a book we called ‘The Temperature of Cool’: our very DNA. This formed the foundation for the development of our new communication concept.

Customer benefits first

As a specialist in presentation solutions, we enable increased turnover, greater convenience and lower costs for our customers. All the required skills and qualities to develop these solutions are based in-house. These include knowledge, experience, innovation, quality, drive and a unique, customer-oriented way of working. Our brand values help us deliver on our promises and guide us towards ensuring that we always put the benefits for our customers first.

  1. Transparency (our distinctive character)

    Clear solutions, clever design, and simple functionality: all of these elements together ensure increased turnover and lower costs. That’s what drives us and we are happy to share the knowledge.

  2. We click with you (our method)

    We understand your industry; we know what today’s consumer wants and how, with you, we can make the difference. It’s all about how we click together. It’s as simple as that.

  3. In front (our ambition)

    Let’s be in front! On the shelves, where it’s all happening, using smart, high-quality solutions. Our ambition to help you will put you in pole position every day.

New logo with content and ambition

Our logo fits in with the new route we are taking. It is not only sleeker and more modern; it also clearly shows what we stand for as the logo has been developed based on our core values.

  • Transparency

    The transparent layers represent the dynamics of shelving. They also represent our total solution, which puts your product in the best possible position.

  • We click with you

    The click is in the relationship between the different squares. Our product clicks together and we clock with you.

  • In front

    The rounding underlines the front position on the shelf. The upward line in the square represents the return that our solutions provide.

  • Going up

    The entire logo is constructed slightly upwards. This visualises a shelf as a whole and it represents the speed our industry demands.

  • Red

    The warm red is contemporary and stands for our involved way of working. The fiery red stands for decisiveness and the efficiency that we offer.

Our new mantra is Spot On

We stand for Spot On shelf management solutions. Spot On literally means: exactly right, perfect, in the right place. It provides the link to the added value of our tailor-made solutions and how we present the products of our customers!

New name of SimpleClick variants

Our brand SimpleClick also has a new look, in line with CoolPresentation, not only in terms of shape, but also in terms of substance. From now on, we speak of three variants: SimpleClick Universal (general), SimpleClick Fresh (chilled cabinets) and SimpleClick Light (light products). The latter two replace the names Cool and Frontline.

Clicking together Cool and Presentation

We have chosen to write CoolPresentation as one word from now on, as if they are clicked together! In addition, there is less emphasis on ‘Cool’, which did cause confusion sometimes. After all, we do not work with refrigeration but we work towards providing broader solutions in a really cool way! The same spelling also applies to SimpleClick. This way, our company name and our brands are better connected (literally)!

From products to solutions

We have also decided to shift the focus of our brand SimpleClick from product to solution. After all, our customers are primarily interested in the added value we provide. The technology (our products), is only a means to an end.

We strongly believe that our Spot On solutions sell better when the marketing is based on industry-focused practical issues, as indicated by our customers. We have many business cases by now, which provide a perfect tool to trigger customers.

As you can see on our new website, our products are no longer the first thing you see. You have to navigate through industry sectors first, followed by a series of business cases. As a distributor, you can use these for potential customers. For each type of customer, in every industry, a case can be found that will help to convince customers to use SimpleClick to increase sales and to reduce costs.

Looking forward

We are really looking forward to continue surprising our customer with Spot On presentation solutions, in the same, familiar way but from now on with a new look!

To find out more about how we see this happening exactly and how this can be used within your own organisation, please contact us to discuss in detail together.

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