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Dutch experience for shopfitter Expedit

In Denmark, CoolPresentation has already been doing business with retail shopfitter Expedit for some time. Late last year, we presented our partner model CoolDays to them. The reason? To give them additional knowledge and commitment to achieve an extra boost to sales in Denmark.

Route along retailers

The CoolDays approach was embraced immediately. As a first step, we invited five people from Expedit to show how we do things in the Netherlands in terms of shelf management. Eight food retail stores were visited. During this experience, we learned about the possibilities of SimpleClick at the point of sale.

More flexibility equals more efficiency

In particular, the Danes were impressed by the overall cleanliness of the product presentation. It was a sharp contrast with the metal shelves still widely used in Denmark. One disadvantage of this system is the fixed space between the wires. That is anything but flexible. Our SimpleClick shelf management systems makes use of the entire shelf. And it does so without losing ’empty’ space, providing a huge efficiency boost.

More feeling and confidence

On day two, we developed a joint strategy which the sales managers in Denmark started. This kick-off puts SimpleClick at pole position at our Danish partner. It’s with good reason that shopfitter Expedit’s key account manager states: ‘The knowledge transfer during these CoolDays gave us a lot of insight. We have more ‘feeling’ with the solution and know what difference it makes in practice. That trust is essential to enable us to sell properly to our customers.’

Are you also up for a retail experience? We’d be happy to take you along!

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