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Looking for a tailormade display? Challenge us!

At our ES2020 exhibition stand you can discover presentation solutions made of premium plastics. But did you know we also produce displays from other materials, like reboard?

Honeycomb cardboard displays

We are specialized in tailormade solutions. For instance, we developed a coin display, that can be used for sponsor promotions. This robust display is made of honeycomb cardboard, with plastic sleeves and holders, complete with signing. The foldable foot on the back ensures that the display can be transported and stored flat and therefore efficiently.

Organic look in any shelf

If you are looking for an organic look for your brand or retail formula? Why not use a reboard base in your shelf presentation? Easy to fit in any shelf, equipped with regular pushers and dividers. Reboard is lightweight, strong and recyclable.

At CoolPresentation we just love spot on shelf management solutions. But often, product presentation solutions are not in a catalogue. Many solutions are created together.

Interested? Please come to our booth. Our Technical Manager Joost Timmermans is happy to take on your challenge.

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