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Launching CoolDays: a world-class partner model

At CoolPresentation, we like to lead from the front – not alone, but together with our partners. This is precisely what we’ve been doing successfully in the Netherlands. And that’s why we’re also introducing our solutions to the foreign market. We do this with an innovative concept: CoolDays.

CoolDays: commitment is key

The ‘click’ with our partners is a prerequisite to be able to use presentation solutions effectively. After all, a great deal of knowledge transfer regarding SimpleClick is required and every market has its own characteristics. Export Director Yvo Stoots: “Commitment from all collaborating parties is crucial to be able to seize local opportunities optimally. For us, that’s always the key to success.”

On-site optimisation

CoolDays is a partner model that highlights the ‘click’. There’s an intense way of working together with the customer in this ‘day concept’. Yvo: “It therefore happens not from behind the desk, but on site, and in practice as far as possible. CoolDays is held in the Netherlands once a year and I pay a 2-day visit to the local partner at three fixed times each year. This allows targeted optimisation all year round.”

Tailor-made consulting and training

Every CoolDay has fixed, recurring modules. Practice is at the forefront, says Yvo: “We often spend time on the shop floor. We provide tailor-made consulting support, workshops and training. A fixed team works on the targeted optimisation. Everything is done to increase our partners’ SimpleClick knowledge and skills to the next level.”

Going international in 2018

Last autumn, the concept was presented to different international distributors – and it has been widely embraced. CoolDays will be implemented in various countries in 2018. Yvo: “CoolDays is free of charge. Commitment is all that’s required. It eases the burden on our customers and gives a more defined structure to our collaboration. In this way, we can better anticipate (local) opportunities and ensure crucial knowledge transfer. This facilitates the transition from distributor to partnership. That’s what makes these Days so Cool!”

Questions about CoolDays? Please contact Yvo Stoots on +31 (0) 610450797 or [email protected]

Click on this PDF for additional information about CoolDays.

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