New partner for the Baltics

Proudly we present our newest CoolPresentation partner: ROUG Ltd. Our former partner for the Baltics decided to reorganise and unfortunately that meant they stopped sales activities in the Baltics.

But, fortunately, the (former) Sales Manager of Expedit started a new career at ROUG. And he contacted us to discuss the possibility to move with him to ROUG so we could continue personal partnership under another company name.

ROUG develops and produces high quality interior design for public spaces – shops, offices, hotels, etc. Their aim is to transform the clients’ creative ideas into rational and functional solutions, each time creating a unique interior identity.

Our SimpleClick product portfolio is a suitable additional product line which they see as a welcome addition to their product range. They directly loved the SimpleClick philosophy because it matches their own perfectly. Smart, functional and high quality solution which helps the customer in a perfect presentation of their brand, shops and products.

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