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New Polish partner: RETO

Poland will soon be getting to know SimpleClick! We have entered into a partnership with the Polish company RETO S.C., a supplier of shopper and product presentation materials. The collaboration is based on the CoolDays partner model, where the click makes the difference.


The contact came about thanks to an initiative by WTC Leeuwarden which, in co-operation with the Polish Chamber of Commerce, puts Frisian companies in a position to find partners in Poland. This is called a matchmaking trajectory. The result? A trade mission to Poland with prospective agreements with four companies of interest.

Commitment first and foremost

And that was extremely well received. Companies with abundant potential, with great market know-how and experience in shelf management. We had a very good match with RETO, a company that views a committed and transparent way of doing business as essential. This is exactly what CoolPresentation also stands for. That’s because with our CoolDays partner model, knowledge sharing and commitment are at pole position.

Product presentation solution

Of course, we share the same goal: to conquer the Polish market with high-quality product presentation solutions. On this basis, we concluded our agreement and kicked off our CoolDays partner model. Practice is an important part of this, so we visited existing Polish customers in retail and health & beauty. A joint strategy was drawn up from there.

The perfect click

The people of RETO will soon be coming to the Netherlands to see how CoolPresentation serves the Dutch market and which opportunities are suitable for the Polish market. Our close periodic co-operation – guaranteed by CoolDays – ensures that we develop solutions quickly and efficiently that click perfectly with the existing local market.

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