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SimpleClick, best in class, tomorrow’s solutions today. One of the most innovative companies that I have ever had the pleasure in dealing with.

John Byrne

Owner and director, Allied Point of Sale Ltd, Ireland

Proactive in helping to think of specific solutions for a retailer.

Perfetti van Melle

Simone Vis

Junior Trade Marketeer, Perfetti van Melle

CoolPresentation provides Coop with a quick, universal and easy-to-use system and this way we are able to stock and present the products quickly to the customers without any additional work. Moreover, CoolPresentation is a very flexible company that always helps the customer and thinks of solutions for you.

Jezz Projectmanagement

Jeroen Vonck

Owner, Jezz project management

Good products. Fast delivery. Good communication.

Deen Supermarkten

Bert Ursem

Logistics Employee, Deen Supermarkets

In addition to presentation materials, CoolPresentation also offers a high level of service. That is very reassuring, both for PLUS entrepreneurs and our colleagues.

Plus Retail

Dennis Dietz

Shop Fitting Coordinator, PLUS Retail BV

I have been working with CoolPresentation since 2010. The deliveries are always on time and the service is excellent. Contact with the staff is also very good. If we are short of something, it is always resolved and delivered the next day. I am very happy to continue working with you in the coming years!!

Jumbo Supermarkten

Luc ter Horst

Specialist in fresh meats/cheese/bread, Jumbo Supermarkets

We have been an official SimpleClick dealer for some time, we and our customers are very pleased with the diversity of the product, it is suitable for all sectors. Our dealings with CoolPresentation are always pleasant. They are flexible, happy to come up with solutions and deliver quickly.


Marijke Link

Buyer, Hilkman Shopping and Project Design BV

SimpleClick, innovative high-quality products and impeccable service.

Security & Protection

Luc Atton

Director, Security and Protection

The personal commitment and enthusiasm of CoolPresentation is fantastic. Working with them goes beyond ordering and making payment. It’s inspiring and drives you forward. CoolPresentation has helped us to develop our new formula concept PLUS Brilliant. Partly thanks to the contribution of CoolPresentation, has it become what it is now.

Plus Retail

Ronald van der Plaat

Merchandiser Formula Development, PLUS Retail BV

V.C.T. needed a solution to best present the new category of e-cigarettes in petrol stations. CoolPresentation actively participated in this project and suggested and delivered creative solutions. The level of involvement in this project was great. Thanks to the enthusiastic and professional way in which we worked together, we have completed this project together on time.


Gert Gorter

Sales Manager, V.C.T.