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Fresh in front

Be first in line with your fresh produce presentation. Suitable for all refrigeration equipment. Durable, flexible, hygienic and with optimal cooling flow conductivity.

Fresh produce is extremely important, because of the high margins. Setting up chiller cabinets with the right shelving materials is essential. It’s also important that the presentation can be kept clean easily. Furthermore, the chiller flows must not be restricted and fresh produce often means different shelf depths. SimpleClick Fresh offers an tailormade solution.

  • A maximum of possiblities with only a minimum of parts.
  • Snap-off dividers for every common shelf depth, often just one type required for all shelf depths in a formula.
  • Handy front rail specially designed for chiller-shelf presentation.
  • Universal front-stop options to be applied only where necessary.
  • Universal presentation aids for a purchase-inducing presentation.
  • Unique and effective pushers.

Pushers: higher sales and lower costs

SimpleClick Fresh pushers are designed for fresh-produce shelving. Perfect for a wide
variety of packaging and product weights. This ensures perfect, automated pusher-driven presentation – at any hour of the day!

  • Higher sales due to perfect, purchase-inducing product presentation.
  • Higher margins when used for high-margin fresh produce.
  • Optimum impulse-sensitive presentation at any hour of the day.
  • Always mass presentation, even with just one unit in stock.
  • Lower personnel costs due to minimum shelving care.
  • Optimum customer experience due to shelves always appearing full.

Unique features SimpleClick Fresh

  • Telescopic rail, adjustable to any required shelf depth.
  • Pusher available in small and large variants, depending on the product.
  • Pusher can be set to straight or tilted position.
  • Various spring strengths available, indicated by clock on pusher house.
  • Supplied as standard with backstop.
  • Unique spring stop for easy refilling.


  • High (140 mm) and low (60 mm) snap-off dividers so all common shelf depths can be set up.
  • Snap-off ribbed strip combined with the ideal back support for perfect upright presentations.
  • Unique telescopic pushers – one unit for all shelf depths.
  • Various universal front-stop options can be placed separately on the divider only there where necessary.
  • Optional universal loose rear attachment.
  • All Simple Click universal aids can also be used for the Cool system.


  • Snap-off dividers that break when needed and not by accident.
  • Unique quick-fit magnetic front rail is easy to clean and to remove.
  • Smart construction of the unique front rail makes a rear attachment unnecessary.


  • Made of durable plastic for a long and problem-free working life.
  • Clever anti-wear lines on the dividers prevent rapid wear and protect the appearance of the dividers for a long working life.
  • Universally applicable pushers specially developed for heavy-duty product groups and therefore useable behind practically any product.

Competitively priced

  • Smart material choice means attractive pricing.
  • The universal parts, and thus the minimum components.
  • Required, mean major savings across the entire store setup.
  • Minimal depreciation thanks to durability.
  • High production numbers per part due to low number of different parts mean production benefits and thus more attractive cost prices.