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Light solution, big impact

Present your products right up to the front of the shelf. A unique lightweight system, competitively priced, especially for small products.

SimpleClick Light is designed specially for tobacco and cosmetics. Smart snap-off dividers are also the basic to this system. By saving on materials – simply through leaving out what is not absolutely necessary – this is a very competitively priced presentation system.

Shopfitting made quick and easy

The unique SimpleClick Fresh pushers also comprises a number of revolutionary parts, such as the innovative snap-off guide rail: one rail for all shelf depths. Also the replaceable rear attachment/spring stop is a smart and handy solution that makes setup quick and easy.

  • Perfect presentation right to the front of the shelf.
  • Ascending front piece for easy product removal.
  • Lightweight spring housing specially for light packaging.
  • Light pusher also usable in combination with Universal T-divider for pushing round products.
  • Unique snap-off guide rail – one unit for all shelf depths.
  • Optional card holder as large pusher and used for out-of-stock alert and/or branding.
  • Unique replaceable rear attachment, easy to remove and re-attach after adjusting the length of the guide rail to fit.
  • Can be used with or without guide rail.

Light snap-off divider

Aim for a perfect presentation, right to the front of your shelf. The snap-off divider can be snapped off every 25 mm: it fits all shelf depths. SimpleClick Light guarantees a tidy and uniform store appearance in combination with SimpleClick Universal en SimpleClick Fresh.


  • Snap-off 60 mm high dividers in three lengths for the setup of all common shelf depths.
  • Unique snap-off guide rail for Frontline pushers – one unit for all shelf depths.
  • Drie frontstukken, voor elk product de juiste frontstop.
  • Three front pieces – the right front-stop for every product.
  • Universal loose rear attachment can be used optionally.


  • Snap-off dividers that break when needed and not by accident.
  • Smart design makes fitting easy.


  • Made of durable plastic for a long and problem-free working life.
  • Clever anti-wear lines on the dividers prevent rapid wear and protect the appearance of the dividers for a long working life.

Competitively priced

  • Innovative design means competitive pricing.
  • Fewer raw materials means lower production costs.
  • Minimal depreciation thanks to durability.
  • Frontline pushers can also be used without guide rails.
  • High production numbers per part due to low number of different parts mean production benefits and thus more attractive cost prices.