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Simple, quick, universal

Create the perfect product presentation, for all types of shelves in every industry. It only takes four components to create a powerful sales presentation.

Setting up a store with the right shelf presentation materials was always a complex and costly process, often requiring up to thirty different materials. SimpleClick Universal simplifies shop fitting, without compromising in quality and presentation options. With a maximum of 10 parts you now can set-up an entire store.

  • A maximum of possibilities with only a minimum of parts.
  • Snap-off dividers for every common shelf depth – often only one type required for all shelf depths in one setup.
  • Unique loose rear attachement for stable fitting on any required shelf depth.
  • Universal front-stop options to be applied only where necessary.
  • Universal presentation aids for a purchase-inducing product presentation.
  • Unique and effective pushers.

Pushers increase sales and lower costs

SimpleClick Universal pushers are basically been developed for fresh-produce shelving, with a wide variety of packaging and product weights. The result? A robust system, that can be used universally behind almost any required product.

  • Higher sales due to perfect, purchase-inducing product presentation.
  • Optimum impulse-sensitive presentation at any hour of the day.
  • Always mass presentation, even with just one product in stock.
  • Lower personnel costs due to minimizing shelf maintenance.
  • Optimum shopper experience due to shelves always appearing full.

Unique features SimpleClick Universal

  • Telescopic rail, adjustable to any required shelf depth.
  • Pusher available in a small and large variant, depending on the product.
  • Pusher can be set to straight or tilted position.
  • Various spring strengths available, indicated by clock on pusher back support.
  • Supplied as standard with rear attachment.
  • Unique spring stop for easy refilling.


  • Universally applicable pushers specially developed for heavy-duty product groups and therefore useable behind practically any product.
  • Unique telescopic pusher rail – one unit adjustable for all shelf depths.
  • Snap-off ribbed border combined with the ideal back support (standard and large) for perfect upright presentations.
  • Various universal front-stop options can be placed separately on the divider only there where necessary.


  • High (150mm and 120 mm), medium (60 mm) and low (25 mm) snap-off dividers so all common shelf depths can be set up.
  • Unique loose fixing ledges, for rapid and stable attachment on any required shelf depth.
  • Presentation aids to be used only there where necessary.


  • Snap-off dividers that only break when needed and not by accident.
  • The special front-attachment design and the use of durable raw materials mean this system will give you a long and problem-free durable working life.
  • Clever anti-scratch lines on the dividers prevent rapid wears and protect the appearance of the dividers for a long working life.

Competitively priced

  • Smart material choice means attractive pricing.
  • The universal parts, and thus the minimum components required, mean major savings across the entire store setup.
  • Minimal depreciation thanks to durability.
  • High production numbers per part due to low number of different parts mean production benefits and thus more attractive cost prices.