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Any product, any packaging, always in front!

70% of buying decisions are made in front of the shelves. This is why optimised presentation with top selling power is the key to success. SimpleClick, powered by CoolPresentation, is the spot on shelf management solution of choice!

Four unique buying reasons of SimpleClick

SimpleClick is available in three well thought variants: Universal, Fresh and Light. For any product, in any shelf, in any shop.

Smart: minimum of parts

A powerfull sales presentation with only four parts needed. This gives huge logistic, purchase and installation benefits.

Simple: easy to install

Massive time savings due to easy installation and fast shelf maintenance. Keeping your shop spot on will be managed more efficient than ever.

Strong: high quality

High quality ground materials and smart design secures strong, durable and functional products. For a shop life long!

Sharp: competitively priced

We understand pricing is important. Due to smart ground material choice together with even smarter design we managed to cut needed materials for a shop set up to a minimum. This gives massive savings.

Pushers: always in front

More turnover, less costs? Choose using pushers. This guarantees not only an improved impulse buying, also massive time savings on shelf maintenance will be achieved. Manual fronting is not needed anymore.

SimpleClick Pushers are unique in strenght and durability. Besides that they are more than flexible in use. This brings you and your products in pole position at any time.