frisdrankblikjes vanaf nu spot on te presenteren

The balloon effect a thing of the past for soda cans

Ensuring the optimal presentation of soda cans is a challenge in itself! Shelving is often tilted to let the cans slide forwards, but the result is visually unappealing. An even bigger disadvantage is probably that only the tops of the cans are visible, meaning that the brand experience is lost! We believe there is a different way.

Forming a neat line

This is why we developed extra solid T-dividers. The “balloon effect” is a thing of the past thanks to the reinforced dividers: the dividers no longer bulge, meaning that all cans are kept in a neat line. And thanks to the SimpleClick Universal pushers, cans are always pushed towards the front. As a result, shelves look optimally stacked at all times, with the additional advantages of saving time and improving product visibility.

Any size or weight

From now on, any round shaped can or bottle up to 500ml can be presented like this. We are always able to offer you a solution, even within your current product presentation. You can use the SimpleClick Light pushers for small and light-weight round products. The Universal pushers are ideal for heavier round products. A unique round front stop in two sizes is used for every size.

Discover the benefits with a trial

The combination of the type of packaging, the weight of the product and the depth of the shelf affects the type of pusher, front stop or spring force that is required. That is why we are happy to create a demonstration for you. To find out more about the benefits, please contact Yvo Stoots on +31 (0) 610450797

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