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Unique in the world: Slidebar from CoolPresentation

“The most innovative product I have seen during EuroShop!”. Not one, but several visitors to our exhibition stand gave this qualification for our Slidebar. Not surprising, because this product -developed by CoolPresentation- is unique in the world.

One solution for all shelf depths

The Slidebar is an extendable guide rail, which gets rid of one of the most time-consuming operations in the shelf in an instant. You just simply slide the rail to the right length and click it. The big advantage? No more different standard rail sizes. Never again the question if it ‘ll fit on your various shelf depths.

Moving instead of measuring

According to Innovation Manager Joost Timmermans, the telescopic guide rail is not only universal, but also very easy to install: “You slide the Slidebar to the desired length, attach it to the T-rail and put the back support of the pusher in upright or tilted position . The Slidebar is available in a long (extendable 370 mm to 580 mm) and short version (extend 230 mm to 350 mm). That means it fits seamlessly into any shelf. ”

Exclusive and sustainable

This innovative solution has been developed in-house and is also only available at CoolPresentation. Joost: “Where other providers offer more than 20 length variants, our Slidebar offers the answer to all shelf sizes. With only two variants. It can be used time and time again, even after a renovation or in another category. This makes it unique: you not only install much faster, this product also has a much longer lifespan due to its wider application. “

Do you also want to use the Slidebar in your formula or store? Please feel free to contact Joost at [email protected].

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