Visual out of stock? Missed opportunities for brands!

Why use pushers? Is a product not visible on the shelf or there is no stock left? Almost half the shoppers (40%) will not proceed a purchase, or buy the product somewhere else. The other shoppers (60%) will buy a product in that shop. 26% of these shoppers buy another brand, 19% another product of the same brand and 15% postpone the purchase*.

Another brand in the shoppers trolley

These figures underline the importance of a good product presentation, in front of each shelf. Not least of all for the brands, who see competitors product find the shopping basket instead of theirs.

Pushers: always optimized product visibility

Our SimpleClick push systems guarantee optimum product visibility and full shelves. Even when only one product is left in stock. No “lost” products in the rear end of a shelf any more. And this without any manual shelf maintenance necessary. For brands are pushers a spot on solution which delivers on all fronts!

*source: Distrifood

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