Why our click is even better now

Why our click is even better now

Click! Fast, robust and solid as a rock: that is what you can expect from our presentation materials. The perfect click needs a perfect T-shape in every profile. Because a tenth of a millimeter can make a very big difference here.

And that was exactly what bothered us: in some cases our click just had to do better. Over the years we’ve developed dozens of t-profiles for our customers. Completely customized, but sometimes also different in size. Because of that, the fit sometimes just wasn’t spot on. That is why we have worked hard on the compatibility of our range in recent months.

From now on, all shelf distributors, front parts and productpushers can be attached to eachother even better. We have achieved this by standardizing the dimensions of the T-shape (which is on almost all of our profiles).

By the way, finding the perfect T is no piece of cake. But thanks to extensive testing we know exactly how to optimize our molds. The results are impressive. Our whole productrange is universal now: more robust than ever, applicable everywhere and also with a nice audible click!

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